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Shrek (2001), directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky jenson, is an action - packes animation film. The main stars are Shrek and Donkey. Zbigniew Zamachowski plays Shrek.
This film tells about fearsome green agre named - Shrek, his wife Fiona and his friends. When Shrek and Fiona come back from their honeymoon, they find an invitation a royal castle from Fiona's parents. They travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away. Parents are very surpirised when they see Shrek. The ogr leaves the kingdom and decides to drink a migic mixture which will make him a beautiful man, but his change is not permanen. Unfortunately, at the same time his wife is in a trap. A handsome Prince Charming wants to marry Fiona. All in all Shrek arrives and saves his wife from Prince Charming. And they live happily ever offer.
The plot of Shrek is dynamic so we aren't getting bored during watching the film. What I like about the film, was the music. It is perfectly fitted to every moment of movie. The best sites of "Shrek" are fantastic dubbing and dialogues. Because of them, the film is more compelling and has a unique sense of humor which can give everybody a buzz.
This film is absolutely brilliant. I really recommend this film because it is a great film foreveryone. Shrek is a very positive and educational film.

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Movie “Taken”, directed by Luc Besson tells story about violence and cruelty, The main character is Bryan, who is retired spy. After years of neglecting his family he divorced. The most important person in his life is daughter Kim. When she is seventeen she wants to go to a trip to Europe with her friend. Caring father doesn’t want to accept this idea. At last he allow to go, although he has got a bad feeling about it. On the airport in Paris girls meet young, handsome boy, who offers them lift to theirs Hotel. Soon after that, teenagers fall into troubles. The guy is dangerous! Kim and her friend are kidnapped by an Albanian gang dealing in a human beings. Bryan has got 96 hours to find the gang and safe his daughter’s life.
In think this film is instructive and so real. We shouldn’t trust an unknown person, because we don’t know its intentions. Secondly, parent should check closely theirs children location. In my opinion Bryan did unwisely, because he let go girls without care an adult.
In conclusion I would like to say, that situations like than can happen to everyone, so we should be very careful.

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