Napisz list do kolezanki (po angielsku)
pozdrow ja i przepros ze dlugo nie pisałas, bo bylas zajeta nauką, Napisz ze opusciłaś kilka lekcji i jakie są tego skutki, pochwal się że uczęszczałaś na kurs języków obcych i jakie są tego postępy w nauce, zaproponuj spotkanie w najbliższym czasie



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Kate,
How are you? I hope everything is fine. I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but I was terribly busy with school and had to study a lot to exams.

I skipped some classes recently and now I have to put a lot of effort in learning. I don't really understand maths now. But I have also some good news. I took part in an English course and I made progress in this language. It really helped me a lot to improve my speaking and writing.

That's all about me. And what's new with you? Why don't we go out somewhere together? I really would like to meet with you. Tell me if next saturday is ok for you.

take care
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Hi Maria
I would like to apologize you realy much.I haven't wrote to you for long to long but I had really big problem.
My parents were at school and my teacher told them about matchs.I must tell you that I don't like my new matchs teacher so I decide to pass this lesson.
My mum said that I will stay at home in every JAnuary weekend.It is really terrible,becouse I met really sweat boy and now I can't seee him.I am really sad.
I met him on a French language course in my school.The subject are after lessons.I can said in French that 'I can't speak in French'it is really funny .It spell like that"Je ne parle pas Francais.
I really like this lessons becouse French language is so soft.
Maby we can meet next Sunday?My mum said that You can go.I am really impress.She really like You/
So see You sooon.Lots of kisses
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