Dear Agony Aunt,

Please help me. I'm 18 years old and next year I'm going to take my 'matura' exam. My problem is connected with my plans for the furniture. My parents are the doctors and they want me to study medicine. I hate this idea! I'm keen on history abd I want to study archeology. But they say it's a stupid idea. What can I do to change their mind?

Prosze o odpowiedz(jakbys byl psychologiem) rozwiniecie ma miec 10 zdan bezsensowne posty beda zglaszane na dzisiaj!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The most important thing is to talk calmly with your parents. Find a time that you and your parents can be comfortable and relaxed together. Make sure no one will disturb you. Then tell them that you understand that they want all the best for you and you are very grateful but studying medicine will not make you happy. Tell them how much you love history and how important for you is to choose studies you will enjoy. Maybe they don't think archeology is useful so you should give them some detiles about it. Maybe they will get interested. Tell them about advantages of this kind of job. When they talk listen to theim and don't interrupt. Ask them to do the same for you. Try to be calm even if they will not react in the way you wanted. If you don't convience them immediately choose another time to talk about it. You must not only talk but also show them that you really do your best and have good results in history. You will show them your maturity, they will respect that and maybe change their mind.
I think you should talk with them honestly. It's important to explain them that you should do in your life what you want. Tell them that you are sure you won't break your life. There is a few ways to change their mind. First, show them how much you like history. You should also improve them that you are very good in this subject. Try to gain the best notes in school. In my opinion their will favour you in your plans when they notice there is no problem with employment after archeology. Your parents should get to know that that's your passion. Of course, if it's true.