Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There is no ideal teacher-for every ideal is something other.The best teacher for me in the mind may be someone else worst.
I think the ideal teacher is one who strives to be the ideal, and not be considered cause for stumbling him .Each leg and everyone can make an error in their work, it's important, however, that the error correct .Such teachers would like to meet all teacher life .Perfect as well as a person in another profession is one who loves what do .While the worst is the one who decided that But what does not interest him, and the lesson turns into a tragedy, the student is discouraged as is the subject for years and do not try to do what could be the \ "ideal \". If the teacher likes your item is a natural feature that \ "infects \" On the other love. His exemplary teacher should also be approached to educate students to be their model and example. Must have individual approach to every student, and not all treated the same way as it might have a bad influence on his pupils. Many teachers do not have any objections to his teaching which is a big mistake, because they are not open to new ways of communication should avoid the routine knowledge. Teacher wide berth, because it causes a passing target. Respect is also important, and that the two parties without him no question about what I said earlier, if the teacher does not know how to get a first estimate of the pupils should not learn. By contrast, if the student will have doubts as to respect the teacher can treat the school as \ "a necessary evil \", which reveals the stress which is not indicated for science. The teacher must remember one thing: not everyone likes his subject and not everyone wants to be his happy to learn. Yet not all be physicists, mathematicians, biologists, polish language. It is next most important thing in teaching. However, the issue is to remember that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes.