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Kazimerz III wielki

(born April 30, 1310 in Kowalu, died. November 5, 1370 in Kraków) - the Polish king in the years 1333-1370, the last ruler of the Piast dynasty on the Polish throne.

The youngest son of Władysław I the Short and Bolesławówny Hedwig, daughter of Boleslaw the Pious.

As a ruler, normalized relations with the Czechs and the Teutonic Knights. In 1335, he managed to obtain from the Czech king Jan of Luxembourg renunciation of claims to the Polish throne. At the same time renounced his rights to the duchies of Silesia, which in later years, tried unsuccessfully to recover. Finally, in 1348 in Namysłów made peace with the Czech Republic. Under the peace of Kalisz in 1343 regained occupied by the Teutonic Knights and Dobrzyn Kujawa, in return for waiving the rights of Gdańsk Pomerania.

The main ally of Casimir the Great in the international arena were the Hungarians. With them in the years 1340-1349 he joined the Polish major part of Galicia-Vladimir Rus.

In the internal politics led to the codification of the law (statutes wiślicko-piotrkowskie), expansion of the system to defend the country and urban development. In 1364 he founded the Cracow Academy.

Four times married, left no legitimate heir, so after the death of Kazimierz under the previous system the Polish throne fell his nephew, Louis the Hungarian.
Wladyslaw Jagiello

Wladyslaw II Jagiello is a historical figure that their achievements and actions inspired me.

After the death of Casimir the Great there were no indications that the Polish king could be the Prince of pagan Lithuania. Casimir, who had no male heir to the throne has appointed his nephew Louis of Hungary.
Louis gave privileges to secure the support of the Polish gentry in One major extent, weakened the power of the state. Louis planned to Polish queen was the older of his two daughters Mary betrothed to Sigismund of Luxembourg. Poland, however, did not intend to be the King of Luxembourg, then changed its earlier order, and after the death of Louis on the throne sat the first in the history of Polish women. Hedwig was a younger
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daughter of Louis sitting on the throne was less than ten years. Betrothed was already with Wilhelm Habsburg, Duke of Vienna, but the marriage was considered invalid.
Many sought the hand of Hedwig's choice fell on the prince of the Lithuanian Jagiello.

He was born in 1351roku, the son of a prominent leader Algirdas, just after the care of his father he learned the art of war and negotiations with, which was marked by perspicacity, tenacity and cunning.
After his father's death in 1377 became king, chosen from among the twelve brothers.
In 1386 years November 18, he married the queen of Polish Jadwiga (for which as already mentioned), a little earlier in 1385roku Kreva signed a preliminary agreement with the Polish.
The aim was to unite the Polish state and the Duchy of Lithuania, and opposition to the Teutonic Knights who invaded both countries.
In addition, Poland needed a king who would provide them protection, while Lithuania was a pagan country, and had ever-increasing problems of the Teutonic Knights, who under the pretext of Christianity attacked their land. That is why the 1386roku held baptism Jagiello took it the name of Wladyslaw.
Thus began his rule in Poland and the Jagiellonian dynasty.
Now is a great period for the Polish, the threat of crouching but even with the Knights, but the result was the Battle of Grunwald in 1410roku, which was the biggest military clash of the Middle Ages. The Teutonic Knights under the command of Master of the Order, Ulrich von Jungingen ended in victory for the united armies of Jagiello and Duke of Lithuania Vytautas the battle killed the same master. Although the site of the Polish-Lithuanian is not used properly victory (not acquired the castle in Malbork-seat grand master), but led to a significant weakening of the Knights, who after this battle he never regained so much power.
Boleslaw I the Brave was born 967 in Poznan, died June 17, 1025 - Polish Prince of 992 years, the first crowned king of the Polish Piast dynasty in the years 1003-1004 was also a prince of the Czech Republic as Boleslaw IV. He was the son of Mieszko I, Duke of Polish, and Dobrawy, the Czech princess. Began to reign in 992 years, driving out shortly after his stepmother and half brothers ode.