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Last weekend I was on my grandmother Marysia on birthday. She's prepared my favourite food : lot's of salads , chickens and another things. I was happy because my cousin was there too . I like him a lot and I played with him lot's of games in computer. My dad was angry because he don't like when I play on computer in grandma's birthday.Next we went home and I go sleep On Sunday I was tired after birthday so I slept all day . This weekend was exciting and I had lot's of time to do exciting things.
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When I got up in the morning I went to the bathroom I washed her face and teeth. Then I wondered what I eat, and finally ate breakfast cereals and bread roll with jam and two juicy jabułka.Po then went to dress, this time my mom and sister went shopping at a supermarket. Then I began to wonder what I will bring, at last struck twelve, and it's time for my favorite TV Guinness World Records, the program ended at about one in ten, five minutes later my mother came from the sister of the purchases, but my mother was upset because the car park at a supermarket you hit our car. But as my mother, soon returned to her good mood. An hour later he called me a friend we met on the pitch, so I asked mom and I went. On the field colleagues have been waiting for me when she started the group to choose the teams. From the beginning of losing two to zero, but still we went out to keep up for five to two. After a whole day next to the house all sore and thirsty. When I got home I went immediately and took a shower in the evening I watched two films, comedy and tragedy of war,at last could not stand it and went to sleep knowing that tomorrow I'm going to swim pond. So I am again washed his teeth and face, then went to the twelfth to the church and the church to the house to eat dinner, we went to the pond on the third and sat on the pond to the seventh and then tired swimming all went home to wash, then we were all so tired that I immediately went to bed, not enough that you had to go to school is so tired that we fell asleep at nine.

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