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Chicken Run: the story

Chicken Run tells the story of a group of chickens who are kept on a prison-like chicken farm by an evil couple called Mr and Mrs Tweedy. If they don't lay a certain number of eggs every day, they are killed. The chickens are desperate to escape. With their leader, chicken called Ginger, they make many plans to get free but they fail each time. One day Rocky the Rooster - whose lines are spoken by Hollywood star, Mel Gibson - lands inside the farm fence after escaping from a circus. Rocky makes a deal with Ginger. If Rocky can teach the chicken to fly, Ginger will let him hide from the circus. Flying training stars but the chickens can't learn how to do it. In the meantime, Mrs Tweedy, who is tired of making a small amount of money from eggs, plans a future where all her chickens are made into pies and are sold in supermarkets. She orders an enormous pie-making machine, where chickens are put in at one end and pies come out the other. The chickens must find a plan to save themselves from the pie machine

Najlepiej jakby było to w kilku zdaniach. Musi być po angielsku!

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Chickens are incarcerated (uwięzione) on a farm and they are desperate to escape. They want to get free with their leader Ginger but they fail every time. One day Rocky lands inside the farm and he makes a deal with Ginger - Rocky will teach the chicken to fly and Ginger will let him hide from the circus. In the meantime owner of the farm orders pie-making machine. The chickens need to find a plan to save themselves.

nie dało sie bardziej skrócić bo moim zdaniem prosisz o skrócenie skróconej historyjki :P także krótszej chyba być nie może ( no chyba że bym pomijał ważne fragmenty, ewentualnie możesz napisać samo "and he makes a deal with Ginger" i bez tego -rocky will teach the chicken to fly and ginger will let him hide from the circus