Temat : Present perfect and past simple

Zadanie- Some of the sentences are incorrect.Rewrite them using the correct tense.

Przykład -I've been to London yesterday.
- I went to London yesterday

1. She's written three e-mails last night.
2. Last summer we saw some beautiful lakes in italy
3. Have you ever met anyone famous?
4. Last Christmas my parents heve given me an MP3 player.
5. I lived in London since last year.
6. 'Did you buy any presents yet?' ' No, not yet.'
7. 'Have you ever been snorkelling?' 'Yes, I've been snorkelling last summer'



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. She wrote three e-mails last night.
4. Last Christmas my parents gave me an MP3 player.
5. I have lived/have been living in London since last year
6. Have you bought any presents yet?
7. Yes, I was snorkelling last summer.