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My favourite computer game is CS, it means Counter Strike. I like this beacouse it is the best shooter for ages. You have to kill another players and another players have to kill you. It is the simpliest game in the world, so it is game exacly for me. There are many maps to play but I know all of them, so I am the best player ever. But in the other side that game take me a lot of free time so I don`t have time to learn to school and my parents aren`t happy abuot that. I don`t know much people whoi play that only for fun. For me it is lifestyle beacuse I know better maps in CS than my room. There is many things that I would like to change in my playing Counter Strike. For example I want to kill with head-shoots. I want to kill people with M4A1m203 with grenade to kill many people with one shoot. My motto is "one shoot-two kills". I have bought original CD with Counter Strike beacouse non-original game is working worse than original game. That are reasons why Counter Strike is my favourite computer game for ages.

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