Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Ex 9
2. Did you (visit / go to) the museum?
3. Did she go to the party with Jack?
4. Did he buy a new car?
5. Where did you work?
6. Where did you go to?
7. How did you travel?
8. What did you see?

Ex 10
(Napisze zdanie do kazdego punktu, wydaje mi sie ze tak bedzie dobrze...)
1. I went shopping to the new shopping centre, it's just great! I went there with my mum and dad.
2. I saw Marta there, she was with her new boyfriend. They laughed about you.
3. When I felt hungry I decided to go to the chinese restaurant on the second floor. It was so funny!
4. I also thought that it will be a good idea to go to the cinema, and see a comedy that they advertised.
5. I visited many different shops, but actually I didn't buy anything simply because I didn't have any money left.
6. When I went home I saw the same comedy in TV, I was so unhappy that I paid for it!

Did you go to the new shopping centre?
Did you see Marta's new boyfriend?
Did you eat in the chinese restaurant?
Did you see the new comedy?
Did your parents buy new car?
Did you watch TV yesterday?
Yes, I did / No, I didn't

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