17 Parkham Street
Lp14 2E
19th June
Dear Sir or Madam
My name"s Petra.I"m seventeen years old, and I"m in my last year at school.
When I finish ,I want to get degree in Media Studies.After university,I want to work in television.

At the moment I"m working for a local radio station at the weekends .I"m relly enjoying in It"s fantastic experienc ,and I"ve already learned a lot by watching the interviewers and persenters while they work

My best school subjects are drama and film studies ,and I"ve had a big part in the last two school plays .I also write sports aricles for the magazine ,I"ve interviewed some famous football players and managers.

I"m sure I"m the sport of person you"re looking for and "I"m confident I"ll be a great presenter.

Na tym przykladzie mam napisac list motywacyjny o przyjecie do pracy w TV nie moze byc z neta z gory dzieki .



32 Red Street
Ch18 4E
20th July

Dear Sir or Madam.

My name is Wladek, and I’m fifteen. After high school I want to work for TV News channel as a reporter.

For now I work for a school newspaper, making interviews with teachers, and some students. I write about life in my school like sport events, or chess tournaments. I’m to young to be professional reporter, but these are my first steps, that will make me great in future.

I am also a poet, and recently I took part in regional poetry contest, my poem didn’t win, but I placed fourth. It made me really happy, and confident to become a reporter.

I know I’m still young, but I learn really fast, and have some experience, so choosing me as trainee is Your best choice.

Mało to profesjonalne, ale jako praca domowa powinno wystarczyć.