I. 1. If we don't do, we will have to call for help.
2. If John is in Warsaw he will call you.
3. What will you do if she doesn't come?
4. She will send you an e-mail as soon as she has time.
5. If it rains at the weekend I will go to the cinema.
II. 1. If I were you I would never do it.
2. What would she eat if you didn't buy anything for her?
3. If women worked more there would be no children.
4. If I became a top politician I would build new roads.
5. What would you do if I went away?
III. 1. If I had time I would go to Alps.
2. If I get money I will buy a new car.
3. What would you do if you got 5 from this test?
4. If Mary is in Warsaw she will call you.
5. I will bokk a table as soon as I end work.
IV. 1. Can I ask for help?
2. I broke up with my girl.
3. The computer broke down.
4. We've had to put off our wedding till september.
5. Have you kept him busy?
6. Turn the computer on and a picture will show up on your screen.
7. Someone broke in to my apartment.
8. Yesterday I came across him.
9. John didn't show up at yesterday party.
10. I didn't do well on the job arrangement and they refused me.
V. Niestety z mailem Ci nie pomoge, gdybym miała więcej czasu to dałabym radę ale za późno znalazłam Twoje zadania:P Jeśli pomogłam choć troche to się cieszę:)