Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
13. district "is a film whose strength is certainly not the story. The history presented in this production is extremely poor, mainstream, and absurd. presents it like this: 2013 France. Given spreading crime, the French government decided to separate the wall of the most dangerous neighborhood from the rest of the city and thus create something where the ghetto, the prison where he will live thief. Of course, against this order, there is an entity that wanted to change the situation. But I fate Leito and 13 district residents, I will not summarize for you. As I mentioned at the beginning of this album story image is not something extremely surprising nor interesting. So what is the strength of the Luc Besson production? certainly one of the very interesting pieces fit that film is a breezy working sphere. We are here to do for major curly pictures of the hand and very dynamic, reflects the mood of scenes montage. Same images combined with an extremely relevant to the situation of stage design, in a wonderful way represent the nature of the story. Another very important and a great part of this production is the music. Fast, dynamic and captivating. And it is these elements combined with choreographed fights cause that instead of crooked mouth give this ago, and no other evaluation. scenes of fighting, choreography, stunt performances are simply Oscar. Feats ministers of martial arts combined with climate oddającymi images, dynamic assembly and adequate music are breathtaking. Reviewing "13 . district "was not proper not to mention acting appointment of Mark Andreonim and Francois Chattotem headed. actors with roles assigned to them met the well, and deserves special attention actress who plays Leito's sister. Thanks to its extraordinary beauty and talent in a few years may become star of French cinema. In conclusion I would recommend this movie only to those who like productions, where blood pours liters, and the actors come out of himself, to defeat the enemy and show stunt skills. Subscribers who expect at this picture of some intellectual fun may unfortunately to fail.

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