The Eiffel Tower was erect by Gustava Eiffela in 1887-1889 with occasion exposition word. Founded in four strong pilars. Pilars are link bows. The tower narrow to upward. She have three platform landscape in hight 57, 115 and 274 meters. General hights this 324 meters.yearly The Eiffel Tower draw round three milions people from total word.


Eiffla wieża, wzniesiona przez G. Eiffela w 1889 z okazji wystawy światowej. Wsparta na czterech potężnych podporach połączonych łukami, zwężająca się ku górze smukłą konstrukcją kratownicową.
Posiada trzy pomosty widokowe na wysokości 57 m, 115 m i 274 m. Ogólna wysokość to 324 m
Corocznie Wieża Eiffla przyciąga około 3 milionów turystów z całego świata.

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Eiffel Tower - the most famous architectural landmark in Paris, is also recognized as a symbol of France. It is the tallest building in Paris and the fifth of France.
Tower was built specifically for the Paris World's Fair in 1889. Was to demonstrate the level of engineering knowledge and technical capabilities of the era, as a symbol of contemporary economic power, scientific and technical French. After 20 years, the tower would be dismantled. Gustav Eiffel did not want to let that happen. Decided to forward it to science. Founded on the tower laboratory aerodynamic, meteorological laboratory. But only the successful experiments located at the top of the tower telegraph (wireless) saved the tower and abandoned its dismantling. On the eve of World War I, the tower has become the object of the military - combined with the Paris military checkpoints on the border with Germany (up to now used for communications carrier pigeons). The surviving building in time became the largest tourist attraction in Paris, which has been visited by more than 200 million people.
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It is a openwork structure in wrought-iron trellis. Its overall height is increased several times due to its top mounted antennas:

1889 - 312.27 meters (height of the flag mounted on top)
1991 - 317.96 meters (height with antenna attached)
1994 - 318.70 meters (height with antenna attached)
2000 - 324.00 meters (height with antenna attached) - about 81 floors in a typical building
Its height varies by 18 cm depending on temperature [2]. Under the influence of wind on the tower sways 6-7 cm. The entire structure of the tower consists of 18 038 metal parts and about 2.5 million rivets, its total mass, together with concrete pillars is about 10 000 tonnes. Emphasis on the base of the tower is 4.5 tons / sq.

The design is supported on four bases of the trapezoid side of 25 m each. At heights of 57 m, 115 I 275 m are scenic terraces. It occupies an area of side 125 m. At the top of the tower by 1665 degrees.

From 1980-1985, the renovation has been carried out, resulting in the lost weight 1 343 tonnes. Also, when mounted on the tower of the new lighting consisting of 352 lights, each with 1000 W, illuminating the tower at night. Lighting mounted on the tower itself can change its appearance after dark. This is done during the holidays and New Year. The tower is often decorated with small lights or illuminated in the French national colors. Every seven years to prevent corrosion, the tower is painted, and for this purpose is used 50-60 tons of paint.

The Eiffel Tower remained the highest status of the buildings of the world for 40 years until 1929, when New York built the Chrysler Building.

The first and second levels are accessible by stairs and elevators. The third level is accessible only by elevator.

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