Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear (Do kogo piszesz) :)

I’m writing to tell you about my holiday as I promised. As you know me and my friends spent two weeks in Canada.
We got there by train and we had small house booked only for ourselves. It took us some time to unpack and accommodate. We had really nice rooms not far away from the lake. What is more we took part in Summer Sailing Programme, which lasted only one week but it turned out to be enough to learn how to sail. The course was quite cheap, we had classes in small groups and we were provided with life jackets and small sailboats. Our instructors were really qualified and they were always ready to help.
We also spent a lot of time on the beach and we met a lot of interesting people. In the evenings there always were some concerts or festivals so we had a lot to do.
I hope we meet soon so that I could show you some photos and souvenirs. Please write to me how are you going. Looking forward hearing from you.

(Twoje Imie)

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