Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hej. bylam w USA na 2 miesiące więc odpowiedz jest z wlasnego doswiadczenia:

When I was in USA I visited a lot of interesting places. First I went to the Grade America in Chicago. It is the biggest Theme Park in the world. There are many rollercoasters. They're really high. Some people was afraid them! A few day later I went to rivers of Missisipi on aligator's farm. Also- the biggest in the world! It is located in state called Arizona. Then I was in Elvis Presley's home. It is in small town called Memphis. The once of the best atratcions was visiting in Disney World in Florida! It was cool. I was there 4 days in four parks- Universal Studio, Holiwood Studio, Blizard beach and Epcot. Also I was in Key West. It's the place that is located the most in South place of North America.
I was there 2 moths and it was really funny. Later I came Poland.

Pozdrawiam! :**
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