Prosze o szybkie rozwiązanie... bardzo mi zależy

Trzeba uzupełnić historię o duchach tak aby miała ona sens.Napisać w czasie Past Simple.

One day(when?), I was in(where?). I was with(who?). It was(weather?). We were(doing what?).

We were(doingwhat?) when, suddenly, we heard(what noise?). We went(where?) and we saw a(whatghost?) in (what clothes?). It/He/She/was(doing what?)

We felt(how?) and we(did what?). Then we(did what?). In the end, we told(who?) about the ghost. They (did/didn't) believe us!



One day in November, I was in the wood. I was with my best friend. It wascold. We were walking along the wood.

We were talking when, suddenly, we heard a loud noise. We went to the small house and we saw a little ghost in yellow dress. She was crying

We felt strange and we rran away. Then we stoped and turn around. In the end, we toldmy parents about the ghost. They didn't believe us!
One day at 8p.m., I was in the forest. I was with my dog. It was very dark. We were go to our house.

We were in the half of the way, when, suddenly, we heard something weird, it was noisy voice. We went there where it was and we saw a white ghost in white coat. We were frightened and we try escaped from there but ghost ran behnid us. Suddenly ghost started say to us. He said: "wait, i try help you"
we listen to him and he said that he take us to house. We agreed.
We closed our eyes and we did at house.
We felt happy and we ran to our parents. Then we said their everything. In the end, we told grand mother about the ghost. They (did/didn't) believe us!
PUFF. It was only dream...
One day in January I was in the Park . I was with my sister. It was rain. We were walked.
We were walked, when, suddenly, we heard noise shout. We went near and we saw a little ghosts in white clothes. He was cryed.
We felt frightened and we ran away. Then we stopped before were in our house. In the end we told my parents about the ghosts. They didn't belive us !