To zadanie jest o tym jak się zachować w lesie :) I oczywiscie na temat bezpieczeństwa...

In the forest areas and in mid-forest, in the meadows, moors and heaths, as well as up to 100 m from the edge of the forest, it is prohibited to perform acts that could cause a fire, in particular:
· Kindle a fire outside of designated sites (if you necessarily want to light a campfire should be notified to the forester, he designates a safe place where we could do this, we must remember, however, that the fire risk III bonfires in the forest is forbidden).
· Burning the top layer of soil and plant residues,
· Smoking, with the exception of paved roads and sites designated for the residence of people

The national parks move only on marked trails. Previously, however, must learn about the forest fire risk which applies in the day and adapt to it - may be announced prohibition of access to the forest.
keep out not for growing forest and młodników height to 3 m.
Move motor vehicles and roads marked only zaprzęgowymi signs.
Remember that determine the degree of fire risk in forests

A jak nie o to chodzi to mi napisz w prywatnych :)