Review of the book "Little Prince"{mały książe}

Your review dedicate the book Fri "Little Prince", whose author is Antoine de Saint-Exupery. "Little Prince" is a book written in a fantastic convention, but it is also a novel about human life. It's very ambiguous, and incredibly charming novel about a small boy who embarks on a journey to find a friend. In my opinion, is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.
The action takes place on several fantastic planets, in an unknown solar system. Different worlds, presented in the work Antoinea de Saint-Exupery is full of mystery and magic, and living as they are unusual and very surprising. Returning to the book, it must be said that the author presented the experience of love and friendship on the example of different forms. Successively we know: the King, Drunkard, lighter and Banker. With each of them carried the title character a short conversation, which at first may seem a mere chatter, but when loaded into it more deeply, we come to the conclusion that the fundamental issues of moral concern. The king embodies the perfect way people always have power over others and, above all, value the power. Vain - represents the people focusing only on yourself. Lighter is a type of hard-working man. Banker is a man who regards as the most important tangible. Geographer and is pseudonaukowcem. All carry out work without the slightest sense and purpose.
The main purpose of the book is to highlight the importance of love and friendship in human life. "... Well you see only the heart. The most important is invisible to the eye ... "The story fall these words, which are well characterized by a boy maturing into friendship and love. There are, however, some probability of survival associated with sentiment and growing up. Feelings requires reflection. In this book, it is shown in a very simple way, namely by means of symbolic forms, such as rose and fox. Rose is a symbol of a beautiful woman, love, but also vanity. It is not ideal. It has since determined defects. With a boy and a rose by well shows that man must understand that love is not for beauty but for everything, even for defects, weaknesses and mistakes. So it is with friendship. We can not just take - we also need to give. From the fox boy learns what true friendship and what it is. Begins to understand that everyone is responsible for another person. Friendship with an aviator he demonstrates how he was connected with his rose. With the meeting in the desert matured to the feelings. Learned to love and feel pain.
The little prince has gained my respect. Reading it, I learned along with the hero of many important issues. As explained by Antoine de Saint - Exupery "All adults were once children, though few remember this." The little prince left his planet in search of the truth of ethical, moral values and, as I mentioned earlier, looking for emotions, learns to show them. However, it appears that science is very difficult, because the characters who meet, are devoid of reason and imagination. The history of this boy has been constructed in a really admirable way, namely on the basis of two worlds: the world of child and adult. Prince Travel and teach us that the overriding values in life are friendship, love, responsibility, loyalty to ideals, goodness and respect for others presented. Many quotes from this song, I think a memorable and one that could become motto of many a human life.