Zadanie1. Zamień podane zdania na mowę zależną
1.What are you doing?
2.I've finished helping mum.
3. "'ll have to work harder naxt term
4.George often goes jogging after school.
5.Have yopu got any idea what to do?
6. He's spending to much time on the Internet
7. Is there any good film on TV tonight?

zad.2 Ułóż zdania z podanych wyrazów i je przetłumacz na jezyk polski
1 they/the/on/African/friendly/grey/in/zoo/old/hippopotamus/saw



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
He asked what were I doing
He said that he had finished helping mum
He said that he would had to work harder the fallowing term
He said that George often went jogging after school
He asked me if I had any idea what to do
He said that he was spending to much time on the internet
He asked me if there was any good film on TV that night