Chcesz kupic dom lub mieszkanie w wielkiej brytani .Znajdujesz w gazecie ogloszenie prezentujace nieruchomosc ktora cie interesuje .Napisz list do agencji ktora je zamiescila:
-okresl jaki rodzaj domu/mieszkania chcesz kupic i powolaj sie na ogloszenie
-zapytaj o odleglosc od srodkow komunikacji miejskiej i sklepow
-zapytaj o co najmniej dwa interesujace cie elementy wyposazenia domu
-zapytaj o mozliwosc uprawiania sportow i dostep do rozrywek kulturalnych w okolicy

pamietaj o zachowaniu formy i stylu listu
od 120 do 150 slow



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello. I have a huge request. Can someone help write a formal letter. I'm in a class with an extended German and I have terrible shortcomings when it comes to English. He does not want cash from a prescribed neta because my teacher is responsive to such tricks.

Subject: Want to buy a house or flat in the UK. You are in a newspaper advertisement showing a property that interests you. Write a letter to the agency that posted them.
* Determine what type of house \ apartment you want to buy and invokes the announcement.
* Ask about the distance from transport links and shops.
* Ask for at least two interesting pieces of equipment you home.
* Ask about the possibility of sports and access to cultural entertainment in the area.

"He writes for information on apartments located on the street Wall street with an ad in the newspaper" morning "on page 65 - announcement number 444 There are several things that I would like to know.

How far from home I have to the nearest bus stop or subway? Is there are any stores or boutiques? Whether the home is located in central heating? I am also interested in whether it is in the kitchen stove. Does neighborhood conducive to sports? Is there somewhere close to some sports fields or running tracks? Is there are some places of cultural entertainment such as theaters, cinemas, opera houses, galleries?

Very thanks for any information. I look forward to reply. "

[If anyone has any ideas yet for this letter is consistent with the theme I would be very grateful. Generally, a letter is to have 120 to 150 words. Welcome any additional sentence. Many of you are all wonderful people who thief]