Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Leo – big, carnivorous land mammal from the family kotowatych, second for tigerish – as for the size – amongst four roaring large cats. Only cat living in social structured associations, recognised as the so-called large fifth of Africa – of five most dangerous African animals (the elephant, the rhinoceros, the buffalo, the lion and the leopard). with the defence of territory and the protection of the herd and fertilizing females. Females are hunting and they are looking lion cubs after. Leoes inhabited Africa, Asia and Europe once, and if to regard American lions as the Panthera subspecies leo – it also North America and Noon. In our times they are found only in Africa, where are exposed for becoming extinct and in vestigial form in India, where their manpower was left definite as critical. - LEW

Giraffe – cloven-hoofed herbivorous mammal and highest of animals living at present. He is inhabiting African savannahs to the south of Sahara. She is related to deer and horned cattle, however he belongs to the independent family żyrafowatych with a close relative okapi. Latin name, is coming from the former view that the giraffe is an animal hybrid, arising from crossing the camel with the ocelot - ŻYRAFA
They decorate him (it) head beautiful (fine), big, eyes eyelash okolone, as well as great, foretop golden < gold >. It has been accommodated for killing game average structure very well < goods (right) > mięsożerca. Employment excellent hearing, sharp, long kły and claws. It is adapted < accommodate > for suffocation uzębienie, as well as meat donation (victim)...
Giraffe is an animal which the most often can be found in Africa or in a zoo. It is large and heavy. It has a long neck and a small head. On the head it has ears sticking out from the both sides of it and two small horns. Its eyes are large and black. The colour of giraffe is cream with brown spots. Giraffe lives mainly on grass and the leaves of trees and bushes, in which helps its impressing height.
Lion in very dangerous animal. He have long foretop and big, sharp teeth. He like bask in hot day on the sun.

Giraffe have very long neck and legs. She like eat leaves.