Trzeba uzupełnić luki tak aby powstała historyjka.

One day (when?) I was in (where?) . I was with (who?) .It was (weather) . We where (doing what) We were (doing what) when, suddenly we heard (what noise) We went(where) and we saw a (what ghost) in ( what clothes) It He /She was (doing what)
we felt (how) and we (did what) then we (did what) in the end we told (who) about the ghost they (did /didnt) belive us.

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One day in Summer I was in forest . I was with my friend John .It was sunny . We where having fun. We were singing a song when, suddenly we heard scream. We went further and we saw a women in white clothes. She was crying we felt scared and we ran away. Then we stopped . In the end we told our parents about the ghost. They didn't belive us.