I spended thisyear's holidays in Promised The ground - on Slovakia.
We rented in exquisite neighbourhood pretty flat. Through whole road to Strbów * weather was sweltering and sunny. Really when we approached, weather deteriorated. Egyptian darknesses came and after several minutes was be hearing thunders. During our stay on Slovakia, weather was all the time rainy, but doomsday day came really then, when my cousin on pool got lost - Michael. He your cross was from this rozbrykanym boy. Fortunately incorrect sheep found. After three days of stay we for border decided to come back to Poland, and more exactly to Buried. We approached on place about hour eighteenth, it when it was done was already darkly. Look for flat, we walked after houses how from Annasza to Kaifasza. Suddenly spadłan us manna from sky, cheap, pretty little house happened us, in nice and friendly neighbourhood. We organized with evening to me grill in highlander's garden shed the next day. We played in rhythm of local music merrily. Farmer had beautiful haskiego sheep-dog, which was lured Hugo. Cousin Michael feared this dog in deadly fear, which he would not make anybody anything bad. All assured him, that dog will not make anybody harm, but this was how unfaithful Thomas.
The time of return came to house. It complain will leave. Parents had to come back to their work, because from vain and Salomon it will not pour.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last summer I went on a trip wich lost 2 weeks, to Paris.
I was so excided when my family decided to let me go there. It was my first voyage by myself. I was a bit scared but I dind`t show it at all. First day I was sightseeing, I saw many interesting art galleries, and museums. I couldn`t belive my eyes when I saw a Parises tower. It is so huge! Just awesome.
On second day of my staying there I went shopping because Paris is famous for shopping centres. Some people call it a capital of fashion I think that they are right, and I must say that Paris is also a capital of sales. ;D
It was great to buy so many clothes much cheaper than in our local boutiques.
If not this year I will go the next there, because I fall in love with Paris, and it`s atmosphere.