Napisac wypracowanie z mangla na temat.. Twoj pokoj*
Tutaj sa paragrafy w jezyku angielskim jakie informacje msuza zostac uwzglednione

Do you like it? Why Why not?
Is the room Big Comfortable/warm sunny?
What can you see from the window
Do you have any decorations like pictures or posters on the wall/door?
What kind of Furniture/appliances have you got in the room?
Who do you usually do there
How much time do you there
Pytania arzcej proste wiec nie bede tlumaczyc mam za duzo zadanego na jutro i nie wyrobie tego napiac ;/



  • Użytkownik Zadane
Yes, I like it ! because i have my super bed there
My room is very comfortable
I can see block, tree and lamp and market
I have big picture and vase in my room
I am always in my room
about 7 h a day

odpowiedziałam na te pytania :)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I like my room cause it is very comfortable and I do there whatever and whenever I want.
2.The room is very comfortable and it is also huge.
3. By the window I can se an amazing view. Thre is a greenfield just outside my house. Every day when I wake up I hear like birds are singing an I see that the sun is shinig. It lokoks fantastic!
4.I have no decorations in my room. It is because I don`t want to decorate my room with any unimportant rabbish like posters.
5.My room is full of furniture. It is well-furnished so it looks awesome. In the middle of my room there is a small cofe table andin front of it, next to the doors there is my bed. Next to the bee there is a small bedside cabinet wich is very useful, especially in the afternoons when I am very tired and I do not want to swich off the light. Next to that there is my wardrobe wich is full of clothes and some knick-knacks. I have also got some bookcases and a shelfs with books on in.
6.I othen spend there my free time watching TV, reading books and studying.
7. I think that I spend there almost all my day.
It is very hard to go out cause I love my peaceful, quiet room.