Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
If I were in Hollywood, surely visit interesting places and monuments. Maybe I will meet new and celebrities. Being in the English-speaking country will give me the opportunity to talk with people who speak English and learn some new words in English. I will certainly explore new places and I eat American food.
My day began with breakfast. Then I had to go to a meeting with the stars of the television. We had lunch in the luxurious restaurant and we tall about of their carrer. I have done reportage and photos. Then I came home and did the dinner. Then I went to sleep.
My first day in Hollywood wouldn`t be very special. At first I would go to a restaurant to have breakfast. Later I would go sightseeing, cause there are many unusual places wich I would like to see.
After that I would certainly go shopping, it`s my favourite leisure activity. Hollywood is famous for sales so I wouldn`t have any problems with spending my money.
At about 5 o`clock I would go to a bar to have lunch. It is very important event in my life. ;)
I would make some new friends, because I am talkative and sociable.