Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I have done my homework.
2. I have made the bed.
3. He has set the table.
3. Have you been in the cinema?
4. Have she done the shopping?
5. I haven't washed my car yet.
6. She hasn't gone to school.
7. Have you read your book?
8. They haven't built house.
9. I have had shower.
10. I have eaten breakfast.
11. Have you eat your dinner?
12. She hasn't drank tea.
13. We have gone to the park.
14. I haven't washed dishes.
15. She has taken out rubbish.
16.You have worked for this firm for two years.
17.What has he done yet?
18.I haven't seen her before.
19.She has lived here for four years.
20.Have you done your homework yet?