I get up at 7 in the morning.
I take a morning shower.
Then I dress up.
About 7.20 I eat breakfast.
Packed backpack and go out to school.
About 7.50 I'm in school.
Always start from the Mathematics Day.
I'm usually 8 hours at school.
About 15 I'm going home and eat dinner.
Then do writing lessons, and learn.
At 18 I go to the Friends of the court.
I come home around 21
Then I take a bath.
I eat dinner and go to sleep.
1 5 1
I get up at seven o 'clock
I have a shower
I have a breakfast
about eight o'clock i go to school
about 14 o'clock i go to home
I have a dinner
I do my homework
I watch TV
I go to sleep

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