My name is ... and I from in Poland. In the future I will a wet, but this job is fantastic. In this job I can brood very much animals and I can heal her. For certain I won't a actress, but this job is not easy job. I won't too doctor, but this job is very difficult.

Tylko tyle mogę
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I think that in the future i will be a vet. This is something i really would like to do. I really love animals and would like to help them. I will study veterynary medicine and after i graduate i will become a vet. I will be able to do something good for animals and i think it will be very satysfying job. But i realise that it will not be easy. I will do my job as well as i can even if it s hard sometimes. I will take care of my animal patients and try to do everything to make them suffer less. I will be so happy to know i helped them.

prosze i musze przyznac, że cięzko bylo mi cos napisac o weterynarzu, pozdr. ;)