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Name: Charlie Scott
morning: 7:00 - get up, have a shower, go to school.
Afternoon:2:30 -finish, have lunch, practse (sing, ride a bike)
evening: meet friends/watch tv
night: 11:00 - goto bed



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She`s name is Charlie Scott.She has got 19 years ago.She does get up at 7 o clock` . Later she has a shower and she`s go to school. She finish school 30 after 2 and she have lunch . After that she sing and ride a bike.In the evening she meet freids and watch TV.She go to bed at 11 o clock` .
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His name is Charle Scott and he is 19 years old. Charlie wakes up at 7.00am in the moring. After short stretching in bed he takes a shower, eats his breakfast and gets off to school where he stays untill 2:30pm. Charlie comes back home and eats his lunch with family. After a short break for relax he starts his practice of singing and bicycling. In the evening Charle usually meets with his friends or sometimes stays at home to watch television. As he wakes up early in the morning, Charlie tends to go to bed around 11.00pm.

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