Napisz list do kolezanki /kolegi w ktorym :
- napiszesz ze kupiłes swietna rzecz np.(bluzke) podaj gdzie za ile , opisz ja
- do czego bedziesz potrzebowal tej rzeczy (wyjscie na przyjecie)
- zapros kolege /kolezanke na wspolne zakupy (kiedy i gdzie)
- pozdrow i zaoferuj ewentulana pomoc finansowa



Dear [ tu wstaw imię ]!
At last Saturday I bought great T-shirt at shopping center for 18 $. It's white with big American flag. I think It's nice ! I need this T-shirt for
Friday party ! Maybe we can go shopping together at Wednesday at this new boutique ?
Love, [ tu wstaw swoje imie ]
P.S. If you want, I can make you financial assistance
Hi xyz,

How are you doing? I bought the new computer in Wietnam. It cost 3000 phounds. This computer is great. All games work on the full detals. The computer has the latest graphisic card,processor and motherboard. It has also 8gb ram and 1000gb hard disc. In wietnam make the best computers.

I will be play in computer cames,watch the films,listen to music on this computer. And also I can do more.

I invite you on the shopping . We can go to the second hand shop tomorrow.
Ii will be great!

Greetings for you! If you do not have a money I can borrow you.

Write back soon!

Hi, ...... !

On Friday I was on greatest shopping in all my life! I bought many clothes and they're very beautiful. Among others blue-white T-shirt with the inscription: I love Paris. He is so lovely! He cost me 15 pounds, but it payed. My mum's very liked him. I will be dressing him to the school and for events. He will appeal to people.. I'm sure! Maybe we can go to shopping? Tomorrow? Please, don' leave me! ;] It will be great! About 16: 00 on the market. I will be wait for you.! Don't forget. If you haven't got a lot of money, I can lend you. I have, becouse my mum gave me. OK, see you tomorrow! Bye,bye.