Popular Apple-pie
Components of dough :
Thirty dkg flours,
Of ten dkg sugar,
Fifteen dkg butters,
Two spoons of lard,
One egg,
One pack of powder to baking,
One pack of vanilla - sugar.
Components of stuffing: of seventy dkg acrid apples,
Twenty of five dkg sugar.

Butter and lard to chop with flour, egg of killings on froth with sugar, with scent and with powder to baking; to knead dough . from two third quantities of dough to pin cake of thickness one and a half of centimetre and to bake in enough hot oven on brightly golden colour. Of apple to peel, to shred, to pour sugar and mixing to fry on jam. Warm mass to put evenly on cake.
From the rests of dough to make thin belts, to arrange on the top squared, to grease with milk with sugar. To cut on second day.
Czy ten przepis jest dobry ????????



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