Macie mi odpowiedzieć na te pytania ale wolałam bym żeby było już po angielsku niż po polsku i żebyśscie odpowiadali Ad1 Ad2 Ad3 itd i krótko
1How often do you read for pleasure?
2.How many books do you read in a month?
3.What's your favourite type of book?
4.Who's your favourite author?Why?
5.Do you know any englih authors.



Ad1. I read for pleasure always in my frre time. I think it is one of the greatest free time activities.
Ad2. I think that I read 3 books per month.
Ad3.I`m keen on crimes. I love that buzz and I can`t imagine book withouth it.
Ad4. I think that my favourite author is Agatha Christie. She is just awesome, I love her lyric language. Only she can make me dissapointed in the end of the book.
Ad5. Yes, my favourite English autor is Agatha Christie but I like also Piter Ellise.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I read for pleasure every evening before going to bed.
2. I read 3-4 books in a month depending on how thick they are
3. Books that i mostly enjoy to read are about adventures and misteries like Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
4. As mentioned in the last question, Dan Brown is my favourite author. Mainly because of the contents of his books in which he always solves some misteries and gets involved in many different dventures. Nevertheless I also like him for the way he writes and allows reader to imagine everything clearly.
5. I know many different authors, Stephanie Meyer which wrote the Twilight saga, J.K. Rowling, an author of Harry Potter or Alfred Hitchcock, great writer of many criminal books.