1.we have beautiful landscapes.
2.people are nice
3.in polsce is ruwnouprawnienie

nie lubisz:
1.we have the very strange president
2.people are not tolerant
3.we have evil ways
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I like live in Poland, because:
- here are my friens and family,
- I like my town and regions,
- there is a nice country,

I don't like live in poland, because:
- there isn't enought shops,
- is oblessness
- in other country are beautiful landscape
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I like living in Poland because:
- I have my family and friends here
- I enjoy the polish whether
- I grew up here and I am proud of who I am

I do not like living in Poland because:
- I believe that our government is unfair
- I think that in a different country like United Kingdom I would have better quality of life
- I would like to change something in my life for better and here I do not have opportunities to do that
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