Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Out from house every day. Men in this way need not lose valuable time on going out on purchases, they can only sit down before computer and they would do in two hours this what, they can make in fifteen minutes.

Fact is second advantage, that computer programmes, they pozwalać on communicating among different computers, and so among different men. To to get in touch with colleague czy friend, does not one should already as to go out on meeting czy to ring and to pay for then money, but it was can use from free komunikatora, which solves this situation. The attachment is the defects of computers to them surely. Sitting before monitors several hours are not healthily daily. Monitor as it does not emit such light how television set, but it is harmful for eyes also.

With second defect is widening computer theft. Popular hakerzy use special programmes or viruses, to robbing on example men from the money which has on bank account. Monitors are in this very helpful, because they see exactly what they do. Not gives oneself so to qualify unambiguously or computers are good czy bad technology. Both defects have and advantage.