Hey It's me your friend:) What's with you? For me quietly. I DoZo science but it's OK:) OOO! I have an idea come to me from my mother's OK? Well pa!
Many thanks for your letter.I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but I've been really busy recently.

Since your last letter I spend a lot time in new shopping center which has just opened in my city.It's really fantastic place which has lot shops,restaurants ,cafe and swimming pool.You must come with me here.Mayby in next week.I'll show you my favourite shop with magazines and nice cafe ,where
I often come with my friends.We usually bay icecreams or cola.After shopping we go to swimming pool.I like swim in this swimming pool becouse It's very huge.

Let me know if you're interested it. I hope that I will see you.It would be great.

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Warsaw, January 27, 2010

Route Jowito!

I am writing this letter because I would like to share with you a story of my winter break. One cloudy day when it was known that out of the house is not possible I decided to go to the attic and cleaned up a bit. Believe me a lot of that was. At the beginning of all things poukładałam lying on the floor then ustawiałam boxes in one place, suddenly one of them started to fall out some photos. Imagine that these were pictures of my grandmother's wedding, there were very many, but also something I noticed in the corner of the box, it was the same chain, which my grandmother had a neck on their wedding day. Think about how much he must have years. When asked wysprzątaniu attic of his grandmother telling me about all this, what I found. Jowitko! Launched a slightly longer so I finish. At the end of my letter I want to salute you and all your family.

I warmly greet Paulina