Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I haven't seen you for ages.It's nice to see you again.
2.He has just come home so we can start our dinner now.
3.We have known him since 1990 so we can trust him.
4.What has happened to uour brother?He seems so sad.
5.We haven't had any problems so far and everythink is going fine.
6.She hasn't told me her secret because she thinks I can't keep it.
7.She has never been to Poland so she's looking forward to going there.
8.John hasn't eaten anythink since breakfast.He's starving!
9.I have already spoken to him and he promised not to do it again.
10.Has Linda started her new job yet? Or is she still on holiday?
1.I have found his telephone number.
2.She has closed the door.
3.It has started raining.
4.Someone has taken my bag.
5.They have changed their plans.
6.I have bought a new car.
7.I have just eaten my breakfast
8.I have lived here for ten years
9.I have worked in this hospital since 2001
10.You have understood this English text

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