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In my opinion one of the greatest film productions is `Diary of Jane`. The story is taking place in England, in about XVIII century. The film is telling about Jane Autin`s love.
An young Jane dreamed of true love. However her parents expected that she will get married with a man who will have provided all family a great life, with no problems. Fortunatelly one day she meets a young Ireland boy (Tom Lefroy) who arouse a curiosity with his set. After couple of days she is falling in love with him. When their relationships arroused a great deal of controversy they decided to go away. Jane left her home and run away with Tomas. Later, after few hours she realised that she made a mistake. She love him but if she would stay with Tomas she will have lost her parents love. She couldn`t do this to them so she came back home. Fortunatelly nobody knew about her plans. After many years she meet Tom Lefroy again but then she is a famous writter still with no hoseband.
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"Jumping for Joy "
This story happens in the United States in 1964. Bobbie Dean is a boyish girl who has an extraordinary talent for basketball. Because she's a girl, Bobbie is limited in her playing. She can only compete in girl's basketball, that has restricted rules and is hardly taken serious by anyone. When Bobbie is helping her father making a delivery, some boys are playing ball. They assume she is a boy and when they see her play they want her on their college team. She`s happy in this team but Bobbie`s secret comes to light.

Jest to opis mało znanego filmu, który oglądałam jakiś czas temu.
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My favourite film is Ring. This is horror. This film is about girl from house childreen. On caset with short film is record she. Who is see this film dead after 7 days.

Krótko i do rzeczy ... ;DD Pzdr.
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