Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The same as every work... some you win, some you lose. When everyone in one piece we are coming back from the pretended action, in spite of the tiredness we feel satisfaction from the performed work. When however it isn't looking rosy, we are trying to make fun of the current situation, although for persons from the outside our humour will be rather grim. Of nobbling what, of biting by bees and animals which they are helping, these are the most frequent injuries accompanying the work of the fireman. We are contending also with certain administrative and equipment problems. A problem of hours of overtime is a serious problem. Statutory changes, i.e. shortening the working time, adopted to the system of the PSP work, started generating hours of overtime which for the here and now the system doesn't deal with. There is also a problem of gaps of equipping with clothes - not every fireman has the other set of the uniform what is important in the event that in the process of the action firemen are drenched itp. With time work, apart from the rescue dimension, assumes the more social capacity, e.g. when it is necessary to calm some woman and to tell her, that no danger is threatening her teenage children from the side of the rat which got from the sewage system into the flat. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct the investigation and to track the source of the secret fire to be which the man hiding himself in the box of the bed turns out. Our work is usually bringing satisfaction, although not always after the action firemen come back smiling.

mam nadzieję ze będzie dobrze , i wystarczy . ; ))))))