Once, when I was on call night some kid called me and said that in his home are robbers, and I do not know what to do. I went to the place, because baby gave me the address and saw that indeed something is happening in this apartment.
When I got home I heard a child crying, and another woman screaming for help. I was very surprised that no person of the neighboring people napadniętymi not notified of this! I went into action without waiting. Beating AFFORD! POLICE! The thief immediately left defenseless, and jumped out the window (in the apartment was on the floor), and I followed him. The boy had bad luck, I got the best policeman in the city!
When I grabbed him, got an official order of a model! I was very proud of myself and my family too!
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Some evening how I was on patrol from Tom always, it was frostily and don't sale pleasantly fortunately not long we had to finish. When we came to police-station we heard the shouts of woman so we had run over in her side. It turned out that older woman on car car park lay and sie young man over her inclined. When he that Tom drew out protect he began running away I ran over for him it turned out from boy also it possesses protect. When I caught up almost him I felt odd on shoulder pain, huge pain pierced several seconds later me, I caught for shoulder instinctively and broke chase then I got to know that Tom had run for me because własnie outdistanced me. Running to front companion had shouted in order to he held on however I had don't knowed about what it was walks disorientated so, I with it was able him to answer. I heard the shouts of assailant suddenly and looking that Tom leads him in my side, pricked in handcuffs. Ambulance arrived several minutes later, distance me centres against pain and I got to know that then I was wounded in frame. Fortunately nothing me sie great it did don't stand, however older woman was us very grateful that we had regained in which only glasses and keys her bag they were to her house.
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