1. Write true sentences (affirmative or negative) about the picture using the Past continuous.
1) David and Helen/play/tennis
2) Mary/ lie/ on the grass
3) The birds/fly
4) Tom and Bridget / sit/ under a tree
5) Sam / write / his diary
6) Alan/answer / the phone
7) The dog / bite / a shoe
8) It / rain

2. Make questions using the Past Continuous and the following words, then giv short answers. For the negative ones write affirmative sentences.
1)The sun/shine?
2)Tom and Bridget / eat / sandwiches?
3)Mary/talk/on her mobile phone ?
4)The birds/sing?
5)The cat/chase/a bird?
7)The phone/ring?
8)Sam/stand/near a tree?
9)David and Helen/have/a picnic?



1) David and Helen are playing tennis.
2) Mary is laying on the grass.
3) The birds are flying.
4) Tom and Bridget are sitting under a tree.
5) Sam isn't writing his diary.
6) Alan didn't answer the phone.
7) The dog didn't bite a shoe.
8) It isn't raining.

1)Is the sun shining?
Yes, it is.
2)Are Tom and Bridget eating sandwiches?
No, they aren't.
3)Is Mary talking on her mobile phone ?
Yes, she is
4)Are the birds singing?
No, they aren't
5)Is the cat chasing the bird?
Yes, it is.
6)Does Alan play football?
No, he doesn't.
7)Did the phone just ring?
Yes, it did.
8)Is Sam standing near a tree?
No, he isn't.
9)Did David and Helen have a picnic?
Yes, they did.
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