Musze napisać historyjkę (na dowolny temat ) po angielsku;
Historia ma zawierac-
3 akapity
Czasy (past simple, past progressive, past perfekt)
Masz opisac miejsce, czas pogode itp
i opisac bohatera

używaj słow when,while,as soon as, the, later, during but, howewer so, that , such , because itp.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Lightning flashed across the sky, followed by the crash of thunder.John Smith was driving his car carefully along the country lane. It was late at night so he was looking for hotel. Suddenly his car engine stopped. He was scared. He tried to start his car again but It didn`t work.
Up ahead in the distance could see a light comming from a castle. He got out of the car and he ran quickly through the pouring rain towards the huge building.
He reached the castle`s doors and ran the bell. The heavy wooden doors creacked open. In fron of him stood a youg wooman. As she looked at John her face lit up. She invite him to her house. He thanked her and entered a big hall, then introduced himself and explained what had happened. She told him that he was welcome to spend the night there and led him into the dinning room. The youg woman offered to make some tea and left the room. John has been standing there for a few minutes when the women appeared with silver tray with a large teapot and three china cups on it. After they had finnished they tea Mrs. Black offered to show him to his room. John was following her up the huge staircase when he jeard woman`s weeping.
He asked her if it was something wrong but she only said that she was crying with happines.
Afterwords he locked himself in that comfortable room and went to bed. The next day when John woke up, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. He put on his clothes and went downstairs to thank the woman for help. He had been looking for Mrs.Black for some time when he realised that he was alone in the castle. He wrote a note thanking her to her kindness and returned to his car.
Fortunatelly, when he turned the key the car started with a roar.
Few minutes later he stopped at a cafe to have a breakfast. He told the story to the waitress who was filling his coffe cup. She said that it was imposible She told that nodoby has lived in the castle since Mrs. Black died in a car accident . John stared at her in disbelief and trembling with shock, dropped his coffe cup onto the floor.