Hi Caroline
Greetings from Paris!
There is not wonderfully imagined that Paris is such a beautiful night. you should come here and see. I hope that in cibeie wszytsko about how I'll will show you pictures.
Now I must finish.
to see the bay

Hi Karolina
Greetings from Paryża!
Tu jest cudownie nie sadziłam że Paryz jest taki piekny noca. powinnas tu przyjechac i zobaczyc . mam nadzieje ze u cibeie wszytsko ok jak wroce pokaze ci zdjecia.
teraz musze juz konczyc.
do zobaczenia bay

Pocztowki sa krotkie;) mam nadzieje ze pomoglam pozdrawiam;*
To nie ma być list tylko pocztówka skoro postcard ;D
luzzzzzik. pomożemy ;)

Hi there!
Grettings from Mombassa! It is such an exotic place! We`re staying at a fabulous hotel! The weather is hot and sticky here.
Yesterday, we went on a safari through Tsavo East National Park. We saw many wild animals there. While we were driving through in our jeep a huge rhino chased us! We have been swimming at Nyali Beach almost every day and we have got great tans;D The food is delicious here. We have been eating mangoes and we have even tried fish curry!
I think that we have put on a weigh. ...
Bye for now.

How are you today
I am very nice
Today have a five
I from France in PAris
InPAris is very very very nice
I LOve PAris
Here on shopping love walk
It very nice dresses
I look forward to hearing

Love from:
(twoje imie)