Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi there!
How are you? We haven`t been writting to each other for ages...
Last month I decided to look for somenthing among. I stared searching, so at the moment I am one of the most intrested in curiosits person.
What are famous films in your country, right now?
In my city all teenagers goes to cinema because they want to watch `Ciacho` it`s great Polish comedy!
I must say that when I went to cinema I wasn`t dissapionted. It was an amazing experience.
I also started listening to punk rock music. Almost all my friends do it so I wanted to check why they are keen on that sort of music.
It is very nice to my ears. Some bands has fast songs but another has pleasant songs wich makes me happy. The most famous band are Happysad, Hey and of course Good Charlotte.
Most teenagers watch MTV or Viva. I must say that these programs aren`t for me. I don`t like music as much as they. I watch TV to find out something important for me or for my family. I also like films so my favourite TV programs are: HBO, HBO HD, Discovery Science.
And there is one more thing, clothes!
Like many girls I love shopping. Boys think that it is one of the most boring events in girls lives, but they are wrong.
If girls are shopping they are more happy I know that there are many things wich can provide us happines. Moreover there are many cheaper ways to make girls happy.
However, shopping is all the time modern. Girls love buying in famous shops like: Cropp, House, H&M, Atmosphere or even Bershka. Clothes from that shops are cheap, lovely and girls are happy because of wearing it. ;)
I think it is all for now. I can`t wait to see you.
Please, answer me soon.