I love Fools Garden. This is a band which sings pop music. The band comes from Germany. At first in 1991
band called Fool's Graden (with apostrophe). Their first album was simply titled 'Fool's Graden'.
In 1993 recorded the next album called 'Once in a Blue Moon' and two years later they record album called 'Dish of the Day'
and the band's most famous song is Lemon Tree. In 2003 people in the group changed and the band changed name and now they call 'Fools Garden' (without apostrophe). The band in new typesetting recorded entitled 'Ready for the Real Life'. While the concert tour in 2008, the band recorded the album "Home" with four new songs. Usually they wear normal clothes and colorful T-shirt. I like them because I like their songs
and I like play their songs on the guitar.

czy możecie sprawdzić czy to jest poprawenie napisane ? jak nie to napiszcie co jest nie tak . proosze :)



Jest To bardzo Dobrze Napisane :) Mam 5/6 z Angielskiego więc Jak to czytam to Wydaje mi się że to Jest Bardzo Dobrze napisane.