Hej :)
prosze byście mi w 7 , 8 zdaniach
opisali moje ulubione zwierze po angielsku
ma zaczynać się tak
my favourite animals is dog ...
itd ..
bardzo prosze to pilne na jutro
a i daję NAJ ! :))
będę wdzięczna wam, bardzo a i daje za to zadanie moje wszystkie punkty .



My favourite animals is dog. His name - Orbit. It is 14 years old. My dog likes me, but we going to the park in my city. It's my best friend. My dog's from Turkey. His colour are black and white.
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My favorite animal is a dog. He is not aggressive, but very friendly. Always carry out all my commands. My dog is small. He likes to play with me. At parties and I spend a lot of time. Is the most faithful animal in the world.
My favourite animal is dog.Her name is Saba.Saba is big and her fur is brown.Saba lives in the house with us but during the day she is in the garden.She usually eats special dog food.Saba is a real friend-she always barks and guards our house.She loves us add we love her very much,too.