She looks as if she's in her early teens. She looks very slim and she is quite short. She has got straight brown hair, which is quite long. She has got dark playful eyes and a cute little nose. She is wearing casual clothes - a blouse and jeans, sometimes a mini skirt - and she looks quite trendy. i think she looks nice.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
This is ana. She is fourteen. She's in Secoundary school.
Ana is tall. She have got long brown hair.
Her eyes are Green. she has sense of humor
She have got beauty smile.

Nie wiedzialem jak jest średniego wzrostu to napisalem wysoka ok?
This young girl is verry pretty. Her name is Laura. She's low and she has straight long brown hair. Laura has beautyful green eyes, and smal charming nose.
In ears she has gold ear-rings. She is wearing bule t-shirt, jeans and white shoes. She has many rings and sliver necklace with diamonds.