I would like to live in the city. I think it is very comfortable cause THERE ARE many art galleries, museums and places where I can go whenever I want. I am a shopaholic so living in the city is very comfortable for me because in the city THERE ARE many shops boutques and department stores. I know that THERE IS very polluted air. Living there is not healthy but I think that nothing is healthy nowadays. If I wolud live in the countryside I would be healthier but less happy. Because THERE ARE not any galleries, museums and even interesting places. THERE ARE Only fields, fields and fields.
I always wanted to live in London. London is the capital of England. There are plenty of interesting things.In center town is a huge clock which is called the Big Ben.There are a lot of cars and double decker.There is a lot of a cinemas near here.There aren't a swimming pool.There are some great cafes.There aren't any sports centres.There are some trees in the park.There is a museum and an art gallery.