1) I think the most delicious meal is of course pizza.
2) I like roasts chicken. It's tasty.
3) Ohh this dog is so sweet!
4) My tea must be sweet.
5) I don't like spicy ketchup.
6) I love salat. Especially in my sandwich with tomatoe.
7) I don't like lemons. They're to sour!
8) I love juicy fruits.
9) This banana looks disgusting.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I love eat salad. From time to time I like some spicy and juicy dishes. In particularly red peppers. My favorite dish is chicken with sauce and I think it's so delicious. The most disgusting dish I've ever eaten was crab with tomatoes. I like sweet tea either but in the morning may be tasty even black coffee.