I was from friends on event at one of boys from school yesterday. Very a lot of persons came. Food was, drinking and nice music. All danced, they sang and played well. About hour twelfth all began be tiring, it turned out that event is not such nice how all would want. About hour third and.m all went to sleep. Unfortunately since early morning the party started again, she was better than this of evening so I decided to become. My friends went to house however after they about hour came back and all again oneself they stayed well. Event had finished when the parents of Tom came back to house. They told to go to house with all.
Last weekend I went to an absolutely cool party! It was at Jason's place. His parents were away so he had the whole house for himself and for us of course. It was not really any special occasion but it doesn't happend often that parents are away. And of course they didn't know about the party. He invited a lot of his friends mostly from our class. There were a lot of tasty snacks and drinks. Music was great as well. We were dancing a lot and having a wonderful time! But suddenly when it was about 1am Jason's parents came back home! They were shocked to see us there and very angry at Jason. So the party was over and we all had to go back to our homes. I was quite dissapointed but one good thing about this party was that i met there a really lovelt boy(girl) and now we are a couple so it was the best party in my life.
P.S.(prosze o naj :)